One day crowns, NOT the best solution !

You have probably heard about “One Day Crowns” or “Crown in a Day”. Now a day many dental offices advertise them. These are the crowns manufactured in the office on the same day. The conventional way of manufactuing a crown is by sending to commercial dental laboratory.

The advantage for same day crown is that there is no need for second visit to place the crown. This saves time for both patient and dentist. The dentist scan the tooth which creates a 3D virtual replica of tooth using a software. The crown will be designed by dentist. Once it is finalised, a milling chamber starts to cut the block to form the crown based on the design. The crown then polished and then cemented on the tooth.

Problem with one day crowns

While crown in a day saves the time by eliminating for the need for second appointment, it is taking longer on the same appointment to be made. Patient should wait in dental chair longer for crown to be ready. The other issue with this same day crown is the milling machine used. The size and capacity of a table top milling machine is no match with the one used on daily basis in a commercial lab. We offer a commercially made crown rather than a home made one.

Technology to make crowns

Vancouver Dentist uses milling centre equipped with a bigger and more sophisticated milling chamber. The milling chamber used in the office can not cut a very hard blocks like Bruxzir Zirconia. As an example,  compare it to the difference between a house hold coffee maker and the one used by down the street corner coffee shop.

Professionally made crowns

The other issue with one day crown is that they are mostly manufactured by either dentist or for the most, by dental assistant. As a result, these professionals in most cases do not have the experience of a dental lab technician who is doing multiple crowns day by day. At Vancouver Dentist we focus on our speciality which is cosmetic dentistry. Furthermore, we use a professional lab technician fabricate your crown.

Crown look

If the natural beauty of crown is your concern, do not ask for one day crowns. Since they are monolithic and made of one block with one shade, we do not offer them. They can not offer an aesthetically acceptable look for front teeth. Normally in the lab, layers of porcelain will be added to the surface of crown to make it more translucent. This results in higher reflection of light similar to natural teeth. This task requires more instruments and machines which falls with in a dental lab works.

We do NOT do One Day Crowns

Vancouver Dentist offers the highest quality of crowns not the fastest. At Vancouver Dentist we make sure that your crown lasts for a long time and looks the best. We use Bruxzir Zirconia, so you get the strongest full white crown in the market. Our lab does customise ceramic layering in order to have a natural end results. We also match the colour close to 100% using a professional dental lab.

In conclusion, conventional lab made crowns are more durable and more natural looking. The use of single day crown should be limited to the cases that it is impossible for patient to be seen for second appointment.

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