How frequent should I visit my dentist?

On average, most people visit their dentist and dental hygienist once every six month for general teeth check up and teeth cleaning. It is a goo idea to follow this frequency as any problem such as gum disease or cavities can be detected and dealt with at early stage.

For some people with existing gum disease or the ones who get constant cavities on their teeth, it is recommended to visit every 3 months. Of course, visiting dentist is varied from one person to the other depending on their dental health and issues.

Is is safe to do dental work during pregnancy?

Most of dental works are safe to be done during pregnancy. Procedures that may harm the fetus such as taking x-ray, tooth whitening, botox injection should be avoided. Any selective dental treatments are better to be postponed to after child delivery.

There are some hormonal changes during pregnancy which results in more gum inflammation and bleeding during the course of pregnancy. More frequent teeth cleaning every 3 months during pregnancy is highly recommended.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-rays play a big role to diagnose and detect cavities, gum problems, tumors, infections, unusual anatomy and much more. The amount of dental X-rays on average is very minimal compare to other medical X-rays like CT-Scan, MRI or even a basic chest X-ray. The dental X-ray dose is almost same as the amount of radiation you get on a sunny day at the beach. With use of digital X-rays combined with “protective blanket”, dental X-rays are considered very safe these days.

Does teeth cleaning scrap my enamel?

Not at all. Proper use of ultrasonic cleaners just deal with external build up by removing them using vibration. It does not scratch or damage enamel.

Do I need to do root canal in order to get crowns?

No. Root canal treatment is done mostly when there is pain or infection in the root.  Root canal treatment is dealing with this by cleaning inside the root. Crowns are used to protect the tooth against future fracture . They can be done on teeth with or without root canal treatment.

Is Invisalign covered by my dental insurance?

Most dental plans cover Invisalign as this is to improve the long term health of patient. Some basic plans, due to the employer contract with dental insurance company, do not offer any orthodontic coverage or may have age restriction. Our dental office can inquire about your coverage and do all the necessary paper works to allow you to use your dental benefit.

Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

Teeth whitening is safe for your enamel. It does not damage enamel and does not cause cavity. The common problem with teeth whitening is sensitivity which will be diminished over a period of time. The whitening can not be a used for every one. For example teeth with internal discoloration can not be whitened.

What is the difference between different type of whitenings?

In general, there are three type of teeth whitenings;

  • In office whitening: This is when you come to dental office and get the whitening in dental chair. This is the strongest type of whitening which means you get the results right away. The visit consists of three application of Zoom Advanced Teeth Whitening and takes about 3 hours.
  • Take home kit: This is when a custom tray made to apply whitening products in day or night on your own pace. This is not as powerful as in office whitening but is more cost effective.
  • Whitening strips: You may buy this type of whitening from most pharmacies. It is the weakest and also cheapest way to do teeth whitening however there is bigger chance of teeth sensitivity as it is not custom made for your teeth and the bleach can cause sensitivity on your gum/ roots.