Vancouver Dentist is covering dental emergencies in downtown Vancouver. Tooth pain, tooth infection and abscess,broken tooth and filling and loose crowns are considered emergency situation. Our dentists can handle many different situations in case of dental emergencies. We understand someone with severe toothache or jaw pain needs to see a dentist as soon as possible and therefore, we do our best to accommodate you on the same business day. We are located in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver with extended hours starting from 8 AM up to 7 PM.

Dental EmergencyToothache

One of the main reasons for dental emergencies is toothache. Severe tooth pain can be caused by cavity, abscess, nerve irritation and infections. Tooth sensitivity when drinking cold or hot temperature liquids can be an indication of tooth nerve irritation/inflammation. Early detection and treatment in some cases can save and revive the nerve however once the inflammation settled, the nerve can not be saved and more aggressive treatment such as root canal treatment may be needed.

On the other hand, in cases of tooth abscess or root infection, the infection should be dealt with drainage, root canal treatment, tooth surgery,or extraction. Contact Vancouver Dentist to schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Broken Tooth

Accidents such as falling down, trauma to the jaw and head or biting in to a hard object can results in tooth fracture. Regardless whether the broken tooth is painful or not, an early visit to dentist is recommended. Replacing he broken piece, if possible , with a temporary or permanent filling can cover and protect nerve and reduce the chance of further problems.

Loose / Fallen Tooth

Any loose or knocked out tooth following an accident should be treated as soon as possible as this is considered a time sensitive matter. A fallen tooth should be places in milk to avoid tooth to be dried. Do not try to touch or clean the tooth. At Vancouver Dentist we have tools and knowledge to replant the tooth in place. Any loose and fallen tooth can be splinted in our office for better stability and higher chance of survival.

Lost or Broken Denture or Crown

We can provide quick fix to a broken crown or denture. In case of loose crown, we can place it back. If the denture or crown are not repairable, we will provide a solution as a temporary measure until the new denture or crown can be made.


Excessive bleeding can be  life threatening and should be taken seriously. We are equipped with surgical instruments and sutures with dental emergencies such as bleeding.


Severe swelling of mouth, face or neck may be an indication of abscess or infection related to the teeth or gum. This should be treated as soon as possible as in some cases can results id high fever, blockage of air way or even death. At Vancouver Dentist we provide treatment for these type of dental emergencies. Most of cases are responding to medications however in severe cases, drainage might become necessary.

Broken Braces

We can repair or replace broken braces, wires and brackets. Loose wires or broken braces can be sharp causing sore in the mouth. Do not attempt to remove the broken piece. Place a piece of cotton or gum on sharp edge and contact Vancouver Dentist as early as possible.

Dislocated Jaw

Some people with TMJ problem experience Jaw dislocation. This happens mostly during yawning. In some cases the jaw can be locked. Our dentist with background in working in emergency room is able to place the jaw back in position.

In case of immediate need for emergency treatment after hour or in a life threatening situation, contact 911 immediately.