Vancouver Dentist is providing a range of oral and dental surgery services such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, impacted tooth removal, and oral / jaw surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth are very back molar teeth which erupt between the age of 18-26. They may cause problem by;

  • growing side way causing irritation to cheek
  • pushing forward and causing crowded teeth in front of them.
  • not growing in full causing gum inflammation and pain due to food entrapment.
  • getting cavity causing pain due to hard access to be cleaned.
  • causing cavity for adjacent tooth by blocking proper access to clean the other tooth.

At Vancouver dentist, we do wisdom tooth extraction as part of our daily dental operation. We may remove them without cutting the gum or use of stitches. This can be done by tools that make the loose, like a baby teeth, allowing easy and pain free wisdom tooth removal. Vancouver Dentist makes sure that tooth extraction is painless.

Tooth extraction

Saving teeth is the best practice for both patient and dentist. In some cases, it becomes impossible or too risky to save a tooth and tooth extractions would be a treatment of choice. The main reasons for tooth extractions are;

  • Extensive cavity involving the root of tooth
  • Tooth fracture as a result of trauma
  • Crack on the tooth extending to the root
  • Risk of damage to adjacent teeth due to improper positioning of tooth
  • Lack of enough space for orthodontic reason

Tooth extraction is a very technique sensitive procedure. The dentist should have a lots of experiences and be equipped with all necessary tools to provide a trauma free, pain free and easy tooth extraction. In cases that future dental implant needed  to be placed, bone preservation is important and thus a gentle extraction without any stress on the bone is a must.

Oral surgery

Vancouver Dentist is providing many oral surgery services such as mouth biopsy, jaw preparation for dentures, removal of cysts and tumors, gum surgery , bone grafting, and dental implant surgery.