Snoring and Apnea are conditions that effect on the quality of sleep and in some cases can become life threatening. Vancouver Dentist is providing snoring and apnea dental appliances pieces to deal with these conditions.

Snoring during sleep

Snoring is a condition when there is a noise created by normal breathing at bed time. The main reason for snoring is narrow airway. Tongue and other normal or enlarged anatomic tissues on the back of the mouth can contribute to the narrow air way and snoring. Partner / roommate of the person with snoring in most cases are the first people who notices and complains about it.

Ways to treat snoring

Depending on the cause of snoring, there are ways to address snoring problem;

  • Dental piece: Snoring appliance can increase the airway by opening the mouth or forwarding the lower jaw. Snoring appliance should be worn at sleep to facilitate better air passage and to reduce the amount of noises.
  • Surgery: If the cause of snoring is soft tissues like tonsils,  then surgical approach to remove big obstructing tissue may be the answer.

At Vancouver Dentist we evaluate each case individually to give you the best dental treatment alternatives.

Sleep Apnea

This is a condition that airway is closed completely during sleep. This can happen frequently during the period of night. Sleep Apnea can cause oxygen deprivation which can have severe consequences.

Sleep Apnea problems

Many problems can arise as a consequence for sleep apnea;

  • Sleep interruption: Since during Apnea attack, there is an interruption in breathing, the patient may wakes up few times during sleep. This prevents patient from getting to deep sleep which requires for a healthy life and alertness during daily activities.
  • Lack of concentration and tiredness: Due to interruption in sleep, people with sleep apnea feel tired and agitated during the whole day. This can affect on their job performance and any simple daily tasks such as driving or reading.
  • Systemic diseases: Many systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems are linked to sleep apnea. Many people who control the apnea could see the improvement in health.
  • Death: Sleep apnea is a fatal condition as if the oxygen stops to get to the brain for a longer time, the brain dead or stroke may occur.

Sleep apnea can be easily mistaken by snoring. Due to severity of problem, it is important to diagnose and control the problem as soon as possible. Diagnosis of sleep apnea can be done by doing sleep test. Sleep test evaluate the severity and frequency of apnea during the night.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

There are many ways to treat or control Sleep Apnea depending on severity and the cause of it;

  • Diet and exercise: Most of people with sleep apnea are over weighted. Over weight people have more bulky tissue around the neck and on the back of the mouth putting them in higher risk for sleep apnea. Loosing weight by proper diet and exercise and aid in having more open air way.
  • Dental appliances: There are many dental appliances which could be customized for individuals to improve the sleep apnea. The common function of dental appliance is to forward the lower jaw which in return pull the tongue forward and away from airway to give the patients better chance to breath.
  • CPAP machine: This is a relatively bigger machine that force the oxygen by pressure using the mask over the sleep time. The machine is not easy to move for those who travel and is not very comfortable to use.
  • Surgery: If soft tissues like tonsil getting enlarged causing air way obstruction, the surgical removal of tissue can help to treat sleep apnea.