Vancouver Dentist is providing dental sedation to make you relaxed during dental treatments. Our dental office is committed to offer gentle dentistry with safe technique. Minimal use of oral sedatives is a safe alternative when it comes to dental anxiety. Many dental insurances cover this treatment.

Types of Dental sedation

There are 3 levels of sedation in dental office;

  • Minimal sedation: This is achieved by either taking pills or inhalation of nitrous oxide / oxygen. This is the safest type of sedation as patient is conscious but relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation: This is higher level of sedation using multiple pills or injection. Compare to minimal sedation, this type of sedation carries a higher risks as more than on medication is used and the effect is deeper.
  • Deep sedation: This is when patient is completely goes unconscious. This type of sedation , due to it’s risks, can be only administered in hospital setting.

We offer minimal use of sedatives for selected dental procedures done in our office based on patients needs, health and necessity.

Risks of Sedation

Like any other medications, use of sedatives has it’s  own side effects and risks. Our office does not offer them as routine treatment to every one. We evaluate many factors such ad general health of our patients and if they have any dental anxiety. Should we decide that a patient is a candidate, then we only use oral sedatives with minimum dosage. This warrant a safe treatment with maximum relaxation effect while on dental chair. As a result, the recovery time is also less.

Our Dental office prescribe oral sedation only when patient has anxiety or dental phobia. It can be prescribed for any procedure but it is mostly done for surgery, root canal treatment, tooth extraction. As our office offers gentle dentistry, many patients found that it is sufficient and there is no need for any medication.