Get rid off tooth pain at Vancouver Dentist. Root canal treatment is applied when the tooth is painful or infected.Toothache is one of the worse pains in the body. We do root canal treatment to deal with this pain by removing the nerve responsible for this pain. At our office, we make sure your treatment is painless as we use advanced anaesthetic techniques. Our ofice also use rotary technology to make the treatment faster and more precise.

How root canal treatment works

The tooth in pain is evaluated to see if other treatment rather than root canal treatment can deal with the pain by Vancouver Dentist. If the pain is as a result of nerve inflammation or infection, the proper therapy is rendered.

We make sure that treatment is pain free at Vancouver Dentist. We use different techniques to make sure the nerve is completely anaesthetised. For patients with any fear, upon patient request, a sedation may be used. As a result, this makes them feel more relaxed. Then our dentist access the nerve and it is cleaned using an advanced high tech rotary system to do it quickly in an easy way. Once the root is cleaned, a filling material placed to prevent any future bacteria to return to the canal.

Our dentist starts and finishes root canal therapy in one appointment. The process takes about one to one and half hour to be completed.

A crown to protect the new treated tooth is recommended once canal cleaning is completed.Saving tooth with root canal is better than removing tooth as;

  • It is more natural to save the real tooth rather than replace it by a fake tooth
  • Saving tooth is more cost effective compare to the cost of dental implants or crown and bridges.
  • It has a long life span if it is done properly and in timely manner.