Mouth guard & sport guard are used to prevent teeth damage as a result of grinding or trauma during sport.

Mouth guard

People who grind their teeth, specially over the night, can put their teeth at the risk of being torn off. Constant and prolong grinding can damage enamel surface on opposing teeth which results is enamel crack, enamel loss, tooth sensitivity, Wrinkle on the face due to decrease in the height of face, and TMJ problem / pain due to heavy bite load.

Night guard is a plastic appliance custom made for each person based on their bite using a series of moulds. The bite guard is removable and can be used by patient at bed time to prevent the contact between upper and lower teeth protecting the enamel. The guard works as a bumper to do it’s job.

There are two types of night guard materials;

  • Hard night guard: This is made from hard plastic make it more durable for patients who have heavy grinding.
  • Soft bite guard: This product is softer and more flexible makes it more comfortable to use specially at night time when the person is asleep.

Night guard is covered by most dental insurance plans. At Vancouver Dentist we do all the dental paper works to get approval for your next bite guard covered by your dental coverage.

Sport guard

Trauma to the jaw and teeth is becoming very common during heavy sports like hockey, soccer or boxing. You may want to protect your valuable teeth and that beautiful smile against any possible impact during sports. Sport guard is a soft yet strong plastic appliance that protects your teeth from damage or fracture during sports.

At Vancouver Dentist, we take a mould to fabricate a custom made sport guard with perfect fit. The good fit allows you to feel more comfortable while protecting teeth at highest level.