Vancouver Dentist in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver has dentist for children. Dental work for kids demands a higher understanding of children to make dentistry more acceptable for them. We have years of experiences doing dentistry for children and we know the psychology of children when it comes to their dental appointment.

Kids first visit to dentist

The kids first visit to the dentist is at age 1. At this age the dentist check the baby teeth for any cavity and baby teeth eruption. Preventative measurement will be discussed with parents depending on the baby’s feeding pattern and the techniques used or baby’s oral hygiene.

The second appointment will be at age 3. This is an important visit as the child trust to or fear from dentist can be established at this appointment. At Vancouver Dentist we use the fun play ways to create a pleasant environment for child visit to dentist. For most cases, we only do tooth examination at this appointment and no treatment will be initiated at this time. The child will be scheduled for later time to get his /her very first basic and fun teeth cleaning.

Importance of baby teeth

Baby teeth are important teeth as they allow the kid to eat and have a better social life at school. They last up to age 12. It is important to maintain and treat any cavity on baby teeth. Following this assure that they are working as a guide for permanent teeth. An infection on baby tooth can spread to the root of the tooth where the permanent teeth are forming. Furthermore this can cause permanent damage to permanent teeth.

It is recommended to save baby teeth until they fall off on their natural course. Baby teeth hold the space required in later date for the eruption of permanent teeth. Early loss of baby teeth can result in space closure which may cause the permanent teeth not to erupt straight with need of orthodontic treatment at teenage years.

Children teeth and role of parents

We encourage parents should introduce kids to keep their oral hygiene proper by cleaning their teeth once the teeth starts to erupt. On average the first baby tooth erupts at 6 months of age. Parents can use clean gauze or even finger to rub on erupted teeth on daily bases. Over age of one, parent can start using soft small tooth brush to gently brush their teeth.

We discourage use of bottle to feed baby should be limited. This is important specially at bed time as the sugar in milk or juices can cause cavities, mostly on top front teeth.