Vancouver Dentist is providing variety of gum operation surgeries in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. Gum surgery is a procedure to deal with gum disease or to improve gum recession.

Gum surgery for gum disease

Gum disease is a condition of the gum surrounding and supporting teeth becomes inflamed. We diagnose this when there is a big space or pocket around the tooth, gum inflammation and bleeding. In some cases the gum level dropped. This condition affects tooth support and may result in tooth to get loose.

At Vancouver Dentist, we deal with this situation by elimination the diseased gum and promoting the healing of the gum. Upon completion of treatment in or office, you will notice how easy it is with quick recovery time.

Gum recession

Gum recession is when the game is not covering root surfaces. Normally, teeth roots are covered by gum. Receded gum may cause root to get more prone to get damage or becomes sensitive mostly to cold or hot. this condition may happen due to physical damage to the gum such as hard and heavy brushing. Gum is a delicate tissue and if the gentle approach is not considered during tooth brushing. The receded gum can be covered by transferring gum ( gum graft)  from other sites or to get a graft from tissue bank. In reality, we make sure that the process is quite easy and in most cases not painful.

Crown Lengthening

In cases where the cavity is deep to the root and under the gum, it may be impossible to have a good access to do a filling or crown for this deep cavities. Crown lengthening is a procedure that the gum dropped under the cavity line to be able to repair and fill the tooth again. We operate this kind of plastic surgery that re-position the gum to new level. It can be done by laser or surgery.

Cosmetic gum surgery

gum surgery can be indicated for cases that the gum required to be improved aesthetically. Conditions such as gummy smile or enlarged gum can be improved by gum surgery.The gum can be reshaped to achieve a beautiful healthy looking gum.

Cost of gum surgery

The cost of gum surgery depends on the type of procedure and number of teeth needed to be treated. Most insurance companies cover the cost of gum surgery. At Vancouver Dentist we do all required paper works to get approval and to deal with your dental plan directly.