We do dentures at Vancouver Dentist. False teeth are economic way to replace missing teeth and to bring the look and ability to chew again for individuals who lost more than a few teeth.

Types of dentures

There are many type of dentures that vary for their function, cost and stability;

  • Partial dentures: when there are only some tooth in a arch are missing and the rest are savable, this is a great economical alternative to dental implants or bridges. We replace missing teeth¬†with acrylic teeth and get some support and retention by anchoring to existing teeth. The base that holds false teeth can be¬†metal or acrylic.. The metal base is more rigid and gives better retention and stability for the denture. The acrylic base is more flexible and is used more for temporary purposed or when there are not many remaining tooth to support metal base denture. Acrylic base costs less than metal base.
  • Full complete denture: When all teeth are missing in one arch, a complete denture replace all of them using acrylic teeth and base. Since there is no natural tooth to hold the denture in place, the denture is held only by good fit and suction to the gum and soft tissue. This makes it the least retentive denture but in the term of price point, it is very affordable as the cost is not per tooth but per arch.
  • Implant supported complete denture: in case all teeth are missing, patients may wants to get a full denture but with better support. In this case between 2-6 implants are places in the jaw to support the denture make it more retentive and more comfortable for daily life.

Denture pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to do denture compare to dental implants or bridges. Dentures are most cost effective as one denture replaces are missing teeth at a fixed price. The downside of having denture are more maintenance and less comfort. The denture needed to be removed after each meal and rinsed and it should not be worn at bed time. They are also not as stable as dental implants or bridges and therefore patient should also be careful as what and how to eat. For example, it is recommended not to bite to the sandwich as it may pop up the full denture.

At Vancouver Dentist we can advice you about different treatment options as we do all of them in our office.