Dental ImplantDental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. Vancouver Dentist is one of the leading providers of dental implants in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. We offer painless implant placement with quick recovery.

What is dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root in a form of titanium screw. In case of missing teeth, the implant is screwed in to the bone. Once bone heals around the implant and get solid, it can support a white color crown very similar to natural tooth. The feeling and look of dental implant is very similar to natural tooth.You can eat and drink almost like you had your natural tooth/teeth and smile with confidence.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Last a long time
  • Very comfortable, feels like your natural tooth
  • No need to do dental work on adjacent teeth
  • Prevent bone resorption by proper loads to the bone
  • Very cost effective considering the the lifetime they are in place
  • Aesthetically similar to natural teeth
  • Reduce stress on other teeth due to replacing missing teeth
  • Allowing to enjoy food same as before tooth loss


Who can get dental implant?

Any one over the age of 18 with good health and enough jaw bone can get dental implant. The average success rate for dental implant is over 90%. People with gum disease or ones who smoke heavily can be in higher risk for dental implant failure. People with bone disease like osteoporosis or some systemic problems such as uncontrolled  diabetes make a person not eligible to get dental implant. At Vancouver Dentist, we offer a free first appointment dental implant assessment to inform you whether you are a candidate for dental implant. In some cases if there is no enough bone to hold the implant, a bone graft can be placed prior to the implant procedure to create a good base for dental implant.

How many missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants?

In general, like a natural tooth, one implant support on crown which means for any single missing tooth, one implant can be placed. For cases that multiple teeth are side by side missing, an implant bridge done. In this case 2 implants can support 3 o 4 teeth and as a result this reduced the cost of dental implant procedure for multiple teeth. For people with no existing on one arch, the all in 4 system is a great alternative to traditional dentures. A traditional denture is just held in the mouth loosely with relatively low suction force. To create a stable denture with perfect retention, 4 implants places in the jaw and denture will be screwed to implants. This results in having a solid denture with the aid of only 4 implants.

Same day dental implants

Trauma to the teeth, especially to front teeth can cause tooth fracture which may not be savable. Broken front tooth is lot of people’s nightmare. It becomes necessary that the broken tooth to be replaced by dental implants immediately. Vancouver Dentist offers same day dental implant in which we remove and place the implant on the very same day.

Dental implant cost

Dental Implant cost varies depending on many factors such as;

  • The amount of supporting bone and whether the bone graft procedure in required
  • Number of dental implants needed
  • Type of dental implants: Implant cost varies depending on the brand and functionality of implant. We assess the situation during our initial free dental implant visit and offer variety of different types of dental implants from high functional ones to more economical ones. Vancouver Dentist do the best dental implant based on your case.

The average cost for dental implant can start from $1000. We provide an estimate once we assess your case.

Why should you do your dental implants with us?

Dr. Korshid with over 20 years of experiences in the field of dentistry has specific knowledge in dental implant surgery as well as cosmetic dentistry. Vancouver dentist offers all procedures in our office from Implant surgery to bone grafting and to make the final crown to finalize the treatment considering both surgical and cosmetic aspects of treatment. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary dental implant assessment. We are equipped with the latest technology such as CT scan software to design your implant placement using computer with the highest precision.