Crown & bridges are hard caps placed on natural teeth. Crowns are very strong caps covering teeth to protect them against future damage or fracture. Crowns can be made of variety of materials such as metal and ceramic. At Vancouver Dentist we provide computer assisted NO metal white crowns. Our white crowns are way stronger than metal crowns yet as natural looking as original tooth.

Bridges consist of multiple connected crown to replace missing tooth. When a tooth is missing or removed, a crown supported by adjacent teeth can be places which is called bridge. The shape and color of crowns and bridges can be matched with other existing natural teeth. Thus, it very hard if not impossible to notice them in the mouth.

Crown & bridges process

Vancouver Dentist design and prepare teeth to get crown & bridges. The thickness of a crown is about 1 mm on average. keeping this in mind, we prepare the tooth the way as final crown placed, therefore it would not look too bulky. About 1 mm of tooth will be prepared. We take a matching shade and a mould is taken to be sent to the dental laboratory to start the design of crown by computer. Meanwhile you receive a temporary crown until the real crown is manufactured. A 3-D model is created and then the crown is milled. On second appointment, the crown is checked and cemented to finalized the process.

Life span of a crown

Even though many Insurance companies cover a crown every 5 years, we believe a crown done by Vancouver Dentist should last you a long time. Crowns do not change color and the ones made by us are 4 times stronger than natural tooth enamel. Therefore, crowns done by us are very durable.

When do I need a crown?

Crowns are indicated when there is a weak tooth structure. We recommend crowns when there is a thin remaining walls or when the normal filling does not have enough tooth support to hold itself. The crown works like a cover or bumper to hold the tooth structure or fillings together. If tooth has root canal treatment, we advisable to do the crown. as for root canal tooth, the blood supply of tooth is removed and thus the tooth get dehydrated over the period of time. This makes it more brittle and prone to fracture. Generally speaking, a tooth can get crown without need to do root canal treatment however any tooth that has root canal treatment needs to be crowned.

Same day crowns

The normal process for crown and bridges required 2 appointments. The first appointment to prepare and take the mould to send it to dental laboratory to manufacture the crown. On second appointment the crown will be placed on the tooth.

One day crowns are the ones that made in the dental office on the same day. The crown is fabricated using a small milling machine over the counter. While many dental offices advertise for this type of crown, there are many problems associated with them;

  • Patient needs to stay longer in the office until the  crown get ready and polished. That means more wait time on dental chair.
  • Same day crown colors are mono color. A natural tooth has a range of shades in to it which can not be created by a single color crown. A laboratory made crown by a ceramist can be layered with different shades to mimic the natural tooth appearance both for front and back teeth.
  • Since the milling machine is a small one, it does not have the capability of the industrial milling machines used in dental milling centre. Therefore, the strength of same day crown is less than the one made by the lab.
  • The crown needed to be processed by dental office staff such as dental assistant which they do not have the skill and experience of a dental lab technician.

At Vancouver Dentist, to offer the best quality of professionally made crowns, we always use the Laboratory made crowns for better look and durability.