On average, teeth cleaning and check up by dentist is recommended every 6 months. This allows dentist to find any problem such as cavity or gum disease before it progresses. Dealing with tooth and gum problem at early stage is easier and more conservative with lower cost of treatments. Most people think if there is no pain then there is no problem. This is not true as for example there would be no pain until cavity gets bigger and reaches close to nerve. For many cases, once the nerve gets irritated or damaged by cavity, the root canal treatment may be needed. Teeth Check up with Vancouver Dentist every 6 months can gives you peace of mind. This prevents from running in to bigger teeth or gum problem.

Teeth cleaning is also recommended every 6 month for most people. Accumulation of plaque, tartars and bacteria around the gum line can cause damage to the gum which results in gum disease, gum bleeding, bad smell of mouth and even losing teeth. Our hygienist using the latest in technology will clean teeth and the areas around the gum thoroughly and gently. For some patient at higher risk like pregnant women or people with gum problem, the teeth cleaning may be suggested every 3 month.

What includes in teeth cleaning package

Upon dental examination at Vancouver Dentist, Our dental hygienist starts cleaning of teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. We use ultra sonic scaler to loosen and removes big particles using vibration and big amount of water. Then by doing root planning, the hygienist gently removes small remaining particles around the gum line using small hand instruments. Once the cleaning is completed, enamel surface will be polished to remove any stains  and to bring back the natural shine to the enamel of teeth. A flouride gel then applied to make the enamel surface stronger and more resistance to any future cavities.

Does teeth cleaning damage my enamel?

There are some myth that frequent teeth cleaning can damage tooth enamel. The ultrasonic we use in Vancouver Dentist is working bt vibration to loose any particles attached to the tooth surface and it does not scrap any enamel surface. The instruments used to remove fine particles are also designed the way not to damage enamel surface.