Vancouver Dentist is providing a range of basic and professional dental services in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver.

Our dental services

Book a dental appointment to do many dental services such as; teeth checkup and cleaning by our experiences hygienist or to change that silver filling to a beautiful natural looking white filling. Crowns and Bridges, Dental Implants, Dentures, Root Canal Treatments, Wisdom tooth Extraction, Gum Surgery and Grafting, Children Dentistry and fabrication of appliances such as Bite Guards, Sport Guards or Snoring Appliances are just a few of dental treatments we do in our office with no need to be referred to other offices.

We are equipped with the latest in technology to provide a high level of dental treatment in a friendly and gentle way. Our office uses digital technology such as digital X-ray. This allow us to detect problems better since it can enhanced the quality of X-ray significantly. As a result, less X-ray needed to be used since software can improve the image.

Dental laser is another technology that assist us. We use laser to do most treatments without pain and in a more conservative way.

While we offer pain free and gentle dental treatments, We can use Sedation techniques. This can be requested by those who are scared of dentist. Our office prescribe the lowest dosage with safest sedative effect. This assure you to get your treatment is a relaxed way.

We deal directly with dental insurances for all dental treatments done in our office.

We offer Dental Emergency Services and our goal is to book on the same business day.  In case of dental emergency, contact us by phone or online and we make sure to accommodate you on the same business day. We deal with all sorts of dental emergencies from lost crown to severe toothache or accident ant trauma.