Dental Veneers VancouverAs part of cosmetic services offered by Vancouver Dentist in Yaletown, we do dental veneers. Dental veneers are fine porcelain layers custom made by your cosmetic dentist for front teeth to improve color, shape, positon and size of teeth for an improved smile.

How veneers work

Once an evaluation is done by Vancouver Dentist, a comprehensive cosmetic design is planned to improve the smile. A minimum or no tooth preparation is done on outer surface of tooth to make it ready for tooth veneer. An impression / mould is taken to fabricate very thin ceramic layers based on new design to be placed on the tooth surface. The process consists of 2 appointments and can be completed within a week. The treatment is very conservative, the veneers are very natural looking and the process is safe.

Veneer indication

Cosmetic dentist can improve your teeth with veneers in three situations;

  • Changing colour: For people who have dark teeth and want to make it whiter permanently, veneers are great choice. The desired whiter colour can be selected as the final result is predictable. Compare to temporary effect of tooth whitening, a veneer never changes it’s colour. For people who have tooth discoloration due to systemic problems or taking antibiotics such as Tetracycline at childhood, veneer is the optimum choice as tooth whitening is not effective for these cases.
  • More beautiful longer / wider teeth: Some people have smaller teeth or have spaces between teeth. For this group, the length or width of tooth can be increased using veneers to get to desire size for front teeth. Narrow teeth can cause tooth spacing and shorter teeth can create an old age effect. Dental veneer can address both of these issues.
  • Improving the shape of the tooth: Change in tooth shape to improve the look is also can be done by veneers. Females teeth should have more round angles compare to masculine less round shape for males. Chip or broken teeth can also improved by veneers.
  • Re-positioning of teeth: For cases with front teeth that are positioned too backward and do not want to do braces or Invisalign, veneers can be placed to create new position effect without moving the tooth. This make the process way faster that orthodontic movement of teeth.

At Vancouver Dentist, our cosmetic dentist has knowledge and skills to give you the most beautiful natural looking result possible. Our dentist is an artist who has extended experiences in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Advantages of veneer

  • Very conservative approach as there is no or minimal tooth reduction is required when doing veneer.
  • Strength: Compare to bonding fillings, veneers are stronger choices. They process in lab and they last for a long period of time
  • Colour stable: Unlike tooth whitening system, the colour of veneers is pretty stable. In fact, the are more resistant to colour change than your natural enamel
  • Aesthetically superb: When done by an skilled cosmetic dentist, they look more natural and more beautiful than natural teeth. Veneers give you a younger looking appearance.