Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure to make natural teeth whiter. Vancouver Dentist in Yaletown offers variety of options to do teeth whitening. While the basic way to whiten teeth is to used dental bleaching materials, there are different ways to whiten teeth based on the concentration of products used.

Teeth WhiteningWays to whiten teeth

  • In office teeth whitening: This is the strongest, fastest and most effective way to whiten teeth. Get instant results with up to 8 shade whiter teeth with our in office teeth whitening. Since this is the highest concentration of whitening gel, a barrier should be used by dentist to isolate gum and soft tissue to make sure the gel will not reach these tissues avoiding any damage. Then the gel will be applied and a high beam light such as UV or laser accelerates and intensifies the process. There will be 3 application of products, each left for 15 minutes on enamel surface for an optimum result. Since he highest concentration of gel with light is used, this is considered the most effective way of teeth whitening.
  • Take home whitening kit: In this method, a set of custom made bleaching tray is manufactured by dentist and a lower concentrated gel will be given to patient to take home. Patient will use the whitening tray / gel once or twice a day to gradually change the teeth to whiter color. Since there is a chance that product spread to gum and to avoid any harm to sift tissue, the product used is in lower concentration. This means the gel needs more ti me to whiten teeth which may take¬†up to 1-2 months.
  • Whitening strips and commercial whitening kits: Some whitening products are available commercially through pharmacy or online. These are the least potent products as the manufacturer should use the least concentrated bleaching agent to avoid damage to tissue. There is no customization for patient and as a result bigger chance of product reaching to gum causing tooth sensitivity. It may take up to months to start to see the results

Cost of tooth whitening

Cost of teeth whitening varies depending on the type of whitening. The cost of teeth whitening starts from $250. Factors such as brands and whether the kit is used for one patient or to be break down to use on more than one patient also effect on the cost. Contact Vancouver Dentist to get current pricing and any promotion we may run for different types of whitenings.

Our in office teeth whitening

At Vancouver Dentist, we are providing Zoom teeth whitening, the highest brand as seen in “Extreme Makeover Show”. We provide 3 application of the ¬†product for each patient and we do not share one package between few patients. This allow you to get the most whitening effect on your teeth. The total whitening is completed in one appointment and takes about 2 hours from start to finish.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Tooth whitening, when done by a trained dentist, is very safe. Whitening does not cause damage to enamel nor cavities. The common side effect of any whitening system is tooth sensitivity. When using in office whitening, due to the highest concentration of product, the most sensitivity is expected, however this may not be true as we use a thorough barrier prior to application of bleaching gel to isolate the gum . This reduces the amount of tooth sensitivity significantly.

When do I need to do teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening is considered a cosmetic dentistry service and therefore it is very personal whether someone is interested to do it or not. It is recommended to do teeth cleaning prior to whitening as;

  • Patient can see the real color of teeth after all stains are gone. For some people just removing stain and polishing teeth gives a satisfactory result.
  • The whitening product can get better interface with enamel surface after good teeth cleaning which results in better outcomes.