Laser dentistry by Vancouver Dentist in Yaletown offers variety of dental treatments. Dental laser makes dental treatments more comfortable with almost no pain during or after treatment. High power laser beam used for many pain free dental procedures. As a results, use of laser allow us to eliminate or reduce the application of dental needles for many cases.

dental laserDental laser advantages

Use of dental laser brings lots of advantages to the world of dentistry;

  • Pain free: For most procedures using laser, there is no need to do any anaesthetics or needles. It is pain free and easy to use.
  • No bleeding: When used to work on soft tissue, it reduce and eliminate the bleeding. This means there would be no need to put any stitches after laser operation.
  • Wide range of use: Laser can be used for variety of dental treatments. Some examples include gum surgery to tumor removal or cutting tooth to remove cavities.
  • Safe: Laser is very safe with no side effects when used in the right way.
  • No drill noise: Drill noise is one of the main discouraging reasons to get that cavity fixed. Laser is almost noiseless.
  • Faster healing: The healing following laser treatments is way faster than traditional methods.


Laser use in dentistry

Laser light is used in variety of conventional and cosmetic dental treatments. It is considered a technology of choice to provide more comfortable and faster treatment compare to traditional way. It can be used in;

  • Canker sore: Vancouver Dentist can target laser beam on canker or cold sore to eliminate it.
  • Wisdom tooth gum cutting: As wisdom teeth erupt to the mouth, they can be trapped under the gum causing pressure and pain. Our dental office uses laser to cut the overlaying gum. This results in wisdom tooth to erupt faster and easier.
  • Treatment of gum disease:Gum disease can be happen as a result of deep pockets. Pocket is space between tooth and gum. If the pocket becomes deep, it can become a harbour for bacteria and food. Due to this deep area, it is impossible for patient to clean around the tooth. Laser can eliminate the pocket depth for better access to clean these areas.
  • Tumor and enlarged tissue removal: Dental laser offers a safe, easy alternative to remove enlarged tissues in the mouth with no bleeding and no need to use stitches.
  • Muscle attachment relief: Some muscle attachments around teeth can cause gum recession by pulling the gum down. Laser can be used to remove muscle attachment is a very simple way.
  • Cavity removal: Laser beam can target some decayed teeth to remove cavities without the use of dental drill.
  • Root canal: Laser beam can kill bacteria during root canal treatment. As a  result, a sterile environment will be created before finishing root canal treatment.
  • Tooth whitening: Laser beam accelerate the effect of whitening products to to allow more effective and faster results.