Showing too much gum when smiling is called “gummy smile” which may negatively affect your look. There are many contributing factors to gummy smile such as;

  • Short crowns on front teeth: The longer the upper front teeth are, the less gum to be shown. People with short crowns have more tendency to have gummy smile.
  • Position of teeth: Low position teeth or cases wit more forward upper jaw show more of the gum.
  • Gum inflammation / growth: If the gum around front teeth becomes enlarged due to gum or systemic problems, then obviously it becomes more visible during smile.
  • High lip line: The position of upper lip can be indicative of how much gum we show. Lip position varies between people and the higher the lip is, the bigger chance to show more gum.
  • Muscle activity: Some people do not have a very high lip line and do not show any gum line at rest however when smiling, they show lots of gums. This is because the muscles responsible to raise the upper lip during smiling are too active. The lip elevation during smile goes beyond gum line.

At Vancouver Dentist, we provide a complete assessment as what caused the gummy smile and based on that offer the variety of treatments available.

Gummy smile

Gummy smile treatment

Depending on the reason for gummy smile, the treatment option should be customised for each patient.  Since this is considered as part of cosmetic dentistry, there are many treatment options to improve gummy smile;

  • Laser crown lengthening: Using laser, the gum around the short teeth can be raised. The procedure is quick, easy with no recovery time. Results can be approached instantly.
  • Orhodontic and Invisalign: Moving upper teeth to a higher position can result in the gum to show less.
  • Surgery: Upper lip can be positioned lower by the way of surgery to cover exposed gum.
  • Botox: Injection of botox can relax lip which in return less gum will be showing.
  • Gum surgery and crowns: In some cases, the gum can be raised by the way of surgery and then longer crowns placed to obtain longer teeth with less gum showing.

At Vancouver Dentist we have experiences and skills to offer variety of treatments to deal with gummy smile. We are one of few office in Vancouver providing both cosmetic and surgical procedures under one roof.