Vancouver DentistVancouver Dentist located in Yaletown, downtown is providing variety of dental services under one roof. Over 20 years of dental experiences, an artistic and gentle touch, and great knowledge in dentistry as an instructor to other dentists, makes our dentist one of the best in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Korshid provides dental services to celebrities, other dentists and health care professionals. While our goal is to provide you with the best dentistry in a modern office with the latest in technology, our dental services are affordable. We deal with your dental insurance plan directly and you are only responsible for the portion that is not covered by your dental plan.



Vancouver Cosmetic DentistCosmetic Dentistry at Vancouver Dentist

Dr. Korshid utilise his artistic skill in both creating beautiful smile by doing cosmetic dentistry and in his spare time to create paintings and sculptures. He has years of experiences and knowledge in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Vancouver Dentist is providing variety of cosmetic options such as Veneers, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Botox Cosmetic, Invisalign, and Cosmetic gum enhancement. Contact Vancouver Dentist in Yaletown if you are looking to do any cosmetic dentistry. We provide a comprehensive cosmetic dental evaluation for your smile make over.

Vancouver Dental ImplantDental Implants
Dental implants offered by Vancouver Dentist are great options to replace missing teeth. We offer both surgical placement of implants and to put the final crowns on them. The procedure is easy and free of pain and the end results are very similar to your missing natural tooth. We consider all cosmetic factors when doing dental implants. No need to see different dental offices to do your implant job as we take care of everything in our office. We deal with variety of dental implant companies, from more economical to more sophisticated implants depending on each case.

Invisalign & BracesInvisalign and Braces
We are preferred certified provider of Invisalign in Vancouver, BC. Straight teeth can both improve your smile and your health. We closely work with different dental insurance companies to provide the approval for your Invisalign or braces treatment. Having experiences in treating patients with both Invisiline and braces allow us to deal with routine and complicated cases. As a cosmetic dentist, we consider all aesthetic factors when we are designing your final smile.